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Re: Germanic Garb

Poster: teufel <teufel@erols.com>

>I have a small delemma...  I have a 16th century Germanic persona... It's
>great, I get to wear big slashed up spiffy clothes.. BUT.. it's also
>rather warm..it's  especially gonna be at pensic... so, my problem is :
>Where can I find Germanic clothes for hot weather.  
>In chivalrous service to Atlantia,
>Thomas von Leipzig
>Thomas Kirchner

        My Lord Thomas,

                As a Landsknecht myself, I can understand your troubles and
sympathize with you.  As has already been stated by others, the answer to
your problem is Light-weight Fabric.  Over the course of the last 3
Pennsics, I have found some vital bits of wisdom.  Stay away from Wool as if
it were the Devil Himself.  I also don't wear Silk, or Polyester/Rayon/Etc.
until the sun goes down.  The fabrics you wear MUST be lightweight.
Specifically, cotton gauze, cotton batiste, or cotton broadcloth.
        I have found that color is sufficient for beautiful Landsknecht
garb.  Try the Harlequin look.  Big and baggy cloths can be worn so long as
the cloth is very light.  I wear the colors red and black exclusively (yes,
I am psychotic), so you can be assured that the fabrics are as thin as
possible.  What do I do when it gets REALLY hot?  (ala Pennsic 24)  Strip
down to my skivvies.  Go to the Swimming Hole.  And when it gets really
desperate, I turn into a 6th century Celt(Generic).  Short-sleeved T-Tunic
and Sandals.  This works for me, although YMMV.
        And for an Internet Web Page, with images and info, try:

                        A good luck to you,
                                Frederich Von Teufel
                                    (Neil Brady)

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