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Re: Germanic Garb

Poster: Heather Swann <swannh@psi.com>

>>I have a small delemma...  I have a 16th century Germanic persona... It's
>>great, I get to wear big slashed up spiffy clothes.. BUT.. it's also
>>rather warm..it's  especially gonna be at pensic... so, my problem is :
>>Where can I find Germanic clothes for hot weather.  
>>In chivalrous service to Atlantia,
>>Thomas von Leipzig
>>Thomas Kirchner
>        My Lord Thomas,
>                As a Landsknecht myself, I can understand your troubles and
>sympathize with you.  As has already been stated by others, the answer to
>your problem is Light-weight Fabric.  Over the course of the last 3
>Pennsics, I have found some vital bits of wisdom.  Stay away from Wool as if
>it were the Devil Himself.  

I would disagree with this.  Wool, in fact, is my favourite Pennsic
material.  The trick with wool as I use it this:  Bring wool that has been
well fulled, carded, and fine-woven.   That way, it is smooth to the skin,
and light weight.  It will keep you cool in the day, and warm at night.  I
have worn a dark, dark blue Finnish wool dress to Pennsic that has long
sleeves and goes down to the ground, and been perfectly comfortable.  I
would recommend using wool for trews, pants, doublets, and that sort of
thing for lords.  My reasoning is that pants and their equivalents will
tear and wear quickly if made of really light cottons.  If you go with
cottons for pants, mediumweight is a better bet....

I have been to, um, many Pennsics...just so you know I speak not through my
chapeau! ;)

I also don't wear Silk, or Polyester/Rayon/Etc.
>until the sun goes down.  

Silk can be lightweight.  I recommend light to medium weight silks that
are, once again, fine-woven.  Raw silks are a delight im this regard.  I
once made an all-black silk quilted fighting coat for my former lord, and
he said it was very comfortable because it was lightweight and the fabric
let air in.

On my camp bed, I can be perfectly comfortable at any Pennsic temperature
from the hottest day, to the coldest nights, with a single fine silk sheet
and a medium to heavyweight silk cover.  The trick is that the fine weave
of the silk holds in the body heat, and the cover just adds to that.

Rayon works ok for garb in terms of comfort since it is composed of natural
fibres, but I do agree that the synthetics are a poor choice- they trap
heat and don't wick away sweat like cotton, silk, or wool do.  

>The fabrics you wear MUST be lightweight.

Actually, I'd specify further:  the cut of your clothes combined with your
fabric choices must allow for letting air in to circulate and draw off heat
during the day, and wick off sweat, allowing you to cool off in the day,
and not take a chill in the evening.  My Italian Renn garb that has puffy
bits in it is made keeping that in mind.  As a consequence, it serves me
well in all weather, day or night.  It is a medium weight cotton.

>Specifically, cotton gauze, cotton batiste, or cotton broadcloth.

All materials I'd recommend as well...

>        I have found that color is sufficient for beautiful Landsknecht
>garb.  Try the Harlequin look.  Big and baggy cloths can be worn so long as
>the cloth is very light.  I wear the colors red and black exclusively (yes,
>I am psychotic), so you can be assured that the fabrics are as thin as
>possible.  What do I do when it gets REALLY hot?  (ala Pennsic 24)  Strip
>down to my skivvies.  Go to the Swimming Hole.  And when it gets really
>desperate, I turn into a 6th century Celt(Generic).  Short-sleeved T-Tunic
>and Sandals.  This works for me, although YMMV.
>        And for an Internet Web Page, with images and info, try:
>                http://www.pipcom.com/~tempus/landsknecht.html
>                        A good luck to you,
>                                Frederich Von Teufel
>                                    (Neil Brady)
As to Landsknecht garb in specific, I bow to this lord's knowledge, as I
have never made nor worn such.

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