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Re: Germanic Garb

Poster: teufel <teufel@erols.com>

I said:
>Stay away from Wool as if
>it were the Devil Himself.  

You said:
>I would disagree with this.  Wool, in fact, is my favourite Pennsic
>material.  The trick with wool as I use it this:  Bring wool that has been
>well fulled, carded, and fine-woven.   That way, it is smooth to the skin,
>and light weight.  It will keep you cool in the day, and warm at night.

        Hmmm...Lightweight Wool.  I have heard of such a Beast.  I hope to
eventually find one that meets my definition of light weight.  But to
further my explanation; the wools I have been able to find, that do not
require a loan to buy, tend to be MUCH too heavy to allow the proper
moisture wicking and airflow properties for 95+ degrees of temperature.  I
am jealous that you have found a comfortable way to survive the summer heat,
and still allow for period look.  But with as much trouble as some people
have with dehydration at Pennsic, I always tend to be conservative in my
fabric recommendations.  Authenticity be damned.  

I said:
>I also don't wear Silk, or Polyester/Rayon/Etc.
>>until the sun goes down.  

You said:
>Silk can be lightweight.  

        Actually, the reason I don't wear Silk/Poly/Rayon/etc. until after
the sun has set, is because they just don't absorb moisture (read: sweat),
enough.  Silk is SUPERB at wicking moisture, but if that moisture has no
place to go...let's just say that I came back from my first Pennsic with an
funny walk, and a pair of silk slash and puff Knee-breechs that I now only
wear fall/winter.

I said:
>>The fabrics you wear MUST be lightweight.

You said:
>Actually, I'd specify further:  the cut of your clothes combined with your
>fabric choices must allow for letting air in to circulate and draw off heat
>during the day, and wick off sweat, allowing you to cool off in the day,
>and not take a chill in the evening. 

        An EXCELLENT description!  I am shamed that I was unable to come up
with as concise and as accurate a description.  Many a Pennsic-Goer would do
well to heed your words, and follow the advise found there.  

You said:
>As to Landsknecht garb in specific, I bow to this lord's knowledge, as I
>have never made nor worn such.

        My Lady!  Thank you, but I am just a humble landsknecht trying to
pass what pitiful knowledge I have gained through much trial and error.  And
really, anyone can imagine german slash and puff.  Just imagine the most
amount of fabric you could possible need for a garment, then double it.
Then take all that fabric, and slash it into shreds, put some feathers and
ribbons on it, and you are pretty much finished. ;]

>The Currently Unreal Miriam...

                Hey!  That means you get to be the Real Miri at Pennsic!
Congratulations! :]

              Frederich Von Teufel

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