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Re: More Germainc Garb stuff

Poster: Kai Scheppe <scheppe@hpel.cees.edu>

>Part of the whole German thing is hosen (sp) how am i supposed to wear
>tights in the middle of summer without melting.. If anone knows a
>supplier for LIGHT weight tights I would appreciate it dearly.. or am I
>going to have to go bear legged (gasp, how un civilized!)

Thomas, the Emperor Maximilian I. gave permission in the Diet of Worms, I
believe it was, for freedom of dress for Landsknechts as one aspect of
freedom and joy in the miserable life of a Landsknecht, to paraphrase him.

Thus you could follow historical fashion and wear at least one leg half or
three quarter bare with the other clad in lightweight puff and slash.  You
want to be really uncivilized and historically correct - bare a cheek :-)
It would certainly help in the heat.

Speaking of heat and Landsknechts.  
One thing I have not been able to figure out at all is what the
Landsknechts wore in their many campaigns in Italy?  
South of the Alps it tends to get pretty warm and the mini iceage was long
gone by the beginning of the 16th century, so they must have worked up a
pretty good sweat.

Does anybody have any idea?  Because no matter how thin or light weight
your fabric is, Landsknechts fought in their clothes as well and they
wouldn't have done so well if they hadn't done something about heat

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