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Poster: "Barclay, Peter CPT" <BarclayP@lee-dns1.ARMY.MIL>

Greetings from Master Terafan!

	I just wanted to clear up an error made by Tadhg in his last post:

>>Does this mean that you can't offer a home-brewed cordial as tourney or 
>>contest prize...What about at an auction?.. I don't know... I just don't 
>>like it...
>I don't believe prizes are a problem.  They are normally given by the 
>brewer as a gift to the group, which in turn passes it on.  The same is 
>true for an auction.  Any prize I provided for an event--even when 
>solicited, I gave freely...I consider it a charitable contribution.

Since I sat in the last BoD Meeting where lots of this was initially
generated from, let me explain the deal about auctions.   We, the SCA,
have already realized that we owe tax on the profits made from auctions.
 This was VERY CLEAR at the meeting.  

What we don't want to get mixed up in is the "auctioning" of alcohol and
whether or not additional taxes are involved.  There are special taxes
involved with alcohol, above and beyond what we consider normal sales
tax, and the specific interpretations get very, very fuzzy.  

I do believe that Tadhg is correct about prizes, but not about auctions.
 Auctions are meant to basically "sell" something for the highest price,
and we ought to steer completely clear of alcohol at this point.


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