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FW: [EK] Used Tents & Pavillions For Sal

Poster: PETERSR@spiegel.becltd.com (Peters, Rise J.)

Just thought this might interest folks...
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Subject: [EK] Used Tents & Pavillions For Sale
Date: Thursday, July 17, 1997 3:42PM

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 -Poster: "Ben" <ben@browser.net>

Used Tents & Pavillions For Sale

I am posting this for Brian Broadaxe of Grinning Gargoyle Leather.
Mundanely, he works in the rental business and has been offered half
of an 18 wheeler full of canvas pole pavilions.  They're in excellent
shape, but they're discards from a corporate takeover.  The parent
company wants to use synthetic fabric tents only.

Their loss is our gain.

So, if you're a royal encampment or large barony that wants a
pavillion for events and demos, now is the time.  I've personally seen
most of the canvas, and these things are nearly new and still in
excellent condition.

Digging through the pile we found three color schemes:

White and Gold striped.
White and Green striped.
White and Pink striped.

These prices are for TOPS, not sides.  No poles, ropes, or other
hardware.  The fabric is treated to be mildew, water, and fire

10 x 14 foot:  $300.00 U.S.
20 x 20 foot:  $500.00 U.S.

There are also larger multi-part pavillions like the Grimm's tents
that are used for the bazzars.  You buy two ends and as many middles
as you want.  Prices negotiable.

Anyone interested in acquiring them, email Brian Broadaxe at
ggleathers@browser.net or call 610-439-5893.

If you place your order now, we can have the tents or pavillions at
Pennsic this year.

Thank you for your tolerance.

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