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Re: Re[2]: SCA Alcohol Policy

Poster: LWright740@aol.com

In a message dated 97-07-18 11:47:27 EDT, you write:

<< I don't believe prizes are a problem.  They are normally given by the 
   brewer as a gift to the group, which in turn passes it on.  The same is 
   true for an auction.  Any prize I provided for an event--even when 
   solicited, I gave freely...I consider it a charitable contribution.
     I believe that it is still the SCA giving away or providing alcoholic
     beverages, and would be considered inappropriate under the new policy.
     don't know if I like that, either.  But I believe that it may be
 	Tibor >>

Could we avoid this by auctioning or giving a prize in the form of a "boon"
from the brewer?  They would receive a promise or gift cetificate for a
favor.  That way the arrangment could be made privately and outside the
offical SCA.

 If I had a boon from Terafon I would want his ginger beer, Havayard makes
great meads and beer, I make a good ginger wine....let us offer use of our
skills at no charge.  Some people would rather have a lession in brewing than
a bottle.

Many brewers will barter and or receive materials for their skill with the
grape (or grain, or honey).  Remember it is against the law for us to sell
our brew.  I do not know if the LAW would hold the brewer responsible for
gifts or barter, but I doubt they would look that hard at it.  Arrangement
vs. sale?

Anyway it holds with the sprit (this puns for you Efen) of the guideline
without getting the SCA or the brewer in trouble or jepardy.

In Service,
Lora Leigh

Federal Regulatory agent (USDA), past bartender, brewer, misspeller of LLama,
and all round ok gal. 

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