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Re: Re[2]: SCA Alcohol Policy

Poster: Kai Scheppe <scheppe@hpl.umces.edu>

As a brewer I have some interest in the discussion that is going on,
although I do think there is a dead horse here somewhere which is being
beaten badly :-)

However, I do have a question:

The SCA is NOT the public.  This is a members only organization.  All
people at an event are either members or guests with a waiver signed
(provided all is done correctly, as far as I know at least).

Now, if I am at a private party somewhere, let's say at a business
christmas party, somebody is being given a bottle of wine as a present -
something that occurs all the time.  I have never heard of that being
illegal, although I may be wrong.

But isn't that similar to what we do when we offer alcohol as a prize?

	Just curious

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