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Re: Re[2]: SCA Alcohol Policy

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

Maximillian wrote:
  The SCA is NOT the public.  This is a members only organization.  All
  people at an event are either members or guests with a waiver signed
  (provided all is done correctly, as far as I know at least).

You are, in fact, completely in error.  The SCA (by virtue of its method and
incorporation and tax status) is very much for the public.  We can make
signing a waiver a requirement to get in, just as we can make period costume
a requirement to get in.  But, if you sign, dress, and pay the entrance fee,
you can come in.

We are NOT a members only organization.  That fight was lost in 1994, and
the cost was high.
  Now, if I am at a private party somewhere, let's say at a business
  christmas party, somebody is being given a bottle of wine as a present -
  something that occurs all the time.  I have never heard of that being
  illegal, although I may be wrong.

Please bear in mind, that the discussion isn't just about what is legal.
The discussion is about what is legally safe, and legally insurable.  There
is no doubt in my mind that it is LEGAL for the SCA to purchase beer, and
give it away.  (Modulo issues of what is called private inurement.)  Legal
isn't the point: risk management is the point.
  But isn't that similar to what we do when we offer alcohol as a prize?

In a short word?  No.  (:-)

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