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Re: Re[2]: SCA Alcohol Policy

Poster: Kai Scheppe <scheppe@hpl.umces.edu>

>> Now, if I am at a private party somewhere, let's say at a business
>> christmas party, somebody is being given a bottle of wine as a present -
>> something that occurs all the time.  I have never heard of that being
>> illegal, although I may be wrong.

>All issues of alcohol liability aside, I don't think this comparison
>is valid.  If a company (or private party or whatever) is giving
>away a "bottle of wine", it is probably a fair bet that it was
>commercially produced, and therefore all the taxes that the Feds
>want paid on the alcohol have been paid.  

That is a very good point regarding commercially produced and purchased
alcohol and perhaps my example really missed the mark.
However, my concern was with some gentles who began to question the GIVING
away of alcohol.  I have no problems seeing the potential legal and fiscal
pitfalls of an auction, in any and all of its variants, but if a present is
made from a brewer to an individual than that should not pose a problem.

But, I guess the problem is that my understanding stops at the point where
a court would even consider hearing somebody's claim that it's the
bartender's fault for getting them drunk.  Which, of course, is not the
issue.  The SCA has to deal with the effects such people have had on our
legal system, no matter how strong my sense, or that of SCAdians in
general, of self-responsibility may be.

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