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Poster: Izofgold@aol.com

Many of you know someone who is a blue feather, (mundanely a bi, lesbian or
gay) person.  Most of you know me, and my feelings and thoughts on this
topic. (those who don't, know talk to me sometime).  Please read the attached
and offer your support.


Gwyneth A. MacDonagh
Marie R. Dahl
Forwarded message:
From:	Ron.Smith@wharton.upenn.edu
To:	Ron.Smith@wharton.upenn.edu
Date: 97-07-22 11:45:02 EDT

Ron  can you pass this to your buddies..
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Dear fellow bears

Foundha flyer this morning at a local bear's Bagel shop,  from a nearby
Baptist church. Uh oh...

It turns out there is an article in today's "USA Weekend" magazine about
"Baptists, Gays, and the Disney Boycott".  USA Weekend gets inserted in
the Sunday paper in 3/4 of the major markets in the US. If you didn't know,
the Southern Baptists are boycotting Walt (Disney, not my Walt) because
they DARE to offer same-sex health coverage.  Shit happens.  Anyway, USA
Weekend is asking your opinion about the Southern Baptist boycott of gay-
friendly Disney.  The
church just handed out a couple hundred flyers telling people to call the "I
wanna boycott"
poll for USA Weekend.

Now you know the Baptists.  They aren't bastions of independent thought,
so they just do what they're programmed to do.  Kinda like Windows95 if it
actually worked.

To cancel out the local church of, would you please vote
"NO, DO NOT BOYCOTT DISNEY":    dial 1-800-446-8406 BEFORE July 24 (Thursday

Your name/phone number WILL NOT be added to any mailing list, and all you
get is a recording.  Also, only ONE VOTE per phone line is counted.  If you
have two lines at home, one from each would be neat.  (Same goes with
multiple lines at work, cell phones, fax lines, etc.)

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