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Re: Pay to vote

Poster: "Robin A Jensen" <griffaud@holdem.tez.net>

> From: Tom Brady <tabrady@mindspring.com>
> I think, Niall, that you are confusing what a baronial polling is. It is
> not a vote, it is a word of advice to the Crowns making the decision on
> will *they will choose* to fill the position. This is an important point:
> the final decision on who a group's baron and/or baroness will be is
> up to the King and Queen of Atlantia - no one else. In light of this
> you can see that your analogy to giving nonmembers votes in other
> organizations swiftly comes apart.

	well, actually I am not confused, but I should have said "poll" instead of
"vote". However, ask the
crowns how reluctant they are to go against a polling and it amounts about
to the same thing. 
Kinda like our electoral college.. How many times have they gone against
the people and overthrown a popular candidate? The crown has the power to
do almost anything they want, however, unless they have balls of steel,
they seldom go against percieved popular opinion. Some do and some dont.

> >A pay to vote policy as far as I could tell
> >would give a better idea to the crown of what the opinion is of the more
> >active members of a group, or it would increase in membership because it
> >would make people get off their behinds.
> This makes the fallacious assumption that membership equals activity, or
> gain for the group (beat ya to it, Tibor!). This assumes that a person
> be a member of SCA, Inc. in order to be active as a teacher, or artisan,
> to help clean the kitchen afat ha feast.

I dont think that is neccessarily fallacious to make that opinion.. and it
does not mean
you need a membership to do anything contributing to the good of the
society. However, in 
practical at ms, ask your local peer or even any recipient of recognition
for contribution and I bet that
a good chunk are members. That is _not_ to say people who dont have awards
dont make contributions, 
but it is a good statistical sample of activity vs. membership.

> >As far as thoes people who
> >consider themsleves too poor for a membership... an associate membership
> >not that expensive, and even at my poorest in college did I manage to
> >this was even before requirements for a membership for fighting.
> Good for you. But don't assume that that works for everybody.

No it doesn't.. but if you cant come up with $20 a year for somthing you
really want to be
active in, your a slug (like I am occasionally when I forget to renew) or
you just cant afford to eat.
(then again I know people who have cared (or are crazy) enough to pay
instead of eat...)


P.S. Dave says hi 

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