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Re: Pay to vote

Poster: Michael Houghton <herveus@access.digex.net>


Niall is witholding information on the whereabouts of Mr. Pin as Mr.
Grenade rolls about the floor. *sigh*

Corpora merely requires that members be included in a polling but does
not otherwise restrict pollings. It also requires that the Crown collect
the opinion of the populace on proposed candidates for the territorial
baronage. Further, Corpora requires that there not be substantial
opposition to those the Crown would so elevate. Kingdom Law leaves the
decision on whom to poll beyond the minimum required to each group in
the person of the seneschal.

If a polling gives a strong preference, the Crown may go against it, but
it had best be prepared to explain clearly why it chose to do what it did,
lest the resulting anger and dismay cause great harm to the group. I'd
like to think that this has never happened in this kingdom, but I am
afraid that I'd be wrong.

If a polling does not clearly single out a favorite candidate, then the
Crown has a much freer hand in selecting their favorite from among those
who are otherwise acceptable to the group.

Niall, perhaps you have a concern from your experience where you feel
that people were inappropriately included in a polling. Perhaps your
concern is justified. I don't know and can't tell. What is rather
galling is to be told that your solution to a problem you experienced
in group X is applicable to all groups in this kingdom, or even the
entire society. That approach was wrong when baronial tenurehwas
imposed, and it is wrong here. It is wrong when visitors on this list
from foreign kingdoms with their own customs speak as if those customs
are automatically applicable here.


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