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Re: Pay to vote

Poster: seareach@juno.com (Bonnie  A Hindle)

L'Lord Niall, you said:
>	well, actually I am not confused, but I should have said 
>"poll" instead of
>"vote". However, ask the
>crowns how reluctant they are to go against a polling and it amounts 
>to the same thing. 
	Who knows the results of the polling but the Crown and maybe a
Kingdom Officer or two???????
>Kinda like our electoral college.. How many times have they gone 
>the people and overthrown a popular candidate?
	How do you know???
> The crown has the power 
>do almost anything they want, however, unless they have balls of 
>they seldom go against percieved popular opinion. Some do and some 
	I don't mean to flame you Niall but I am wondering if His
Excellency, Corun isn't correct about you reasons to start this thread.
I'll be quite now and go have another glass of Rose Wine, I unlike you
Malcolm have no desire to be in the OHC.

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