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lurker speaks & pay-to-vote

Poster: Pamela Ambrose <pambrose@wam.umd.edu>

Shalom and greetings good gentles,

     I'm only wandering through.  I like to occassionally meander about
the Rialto or stop in here at Cheapsides to beat the heat and rest my feet
while listening to your banter.  I do not presume to tell you how anything
should or should not be run or ruled.  I do feel that this is a topic I
can address and therefore shall.  First, do bear with my tale.

     I'm mainly a cyber-SCAdian at present.  I have not come into much
wealth at this point in my life and that which I have must be given to
needs instead of desires, no matter how strong those are.  I find the
discovery of the past a fascinating study and playground.  I can't come
out and play often and am a bit intimidated by how extravagant some people
are with garb, gear, and weaponry.  Personally I am more impressed by
those that create their own, no matter how uneven or sloppy some parts
might be (mistakes are period too:) as opposed to those who buy.  I'd like
to see more people barter their respective wares instead of resorting to
modern currency.  I think it fosters more creativity and interest.  That
is just my opinion, based on my experiences and almost empty purse.  I
could more easily bake you bread or whittle you a staff than write you a

     I am not a paying member of the Society.  I was surprised when I
received a polling letter regarding the Barony I had lived in.  Therehwas
a notation to mark if membership fees had recently been sent in.  Due to
mail forwarding I received it too late to send my opinion along to their
Majesties before the deadline.  I viewed the opportunity to  participate
as a courtesy.  I'd like to think that I contributed to the good of that
Barony by helping out with whatever happenings I attended and that my
opinion would matter to the powers that be.  As I am not a member I would
not expect to bear any serious weight however, unless I had a very 
substantial justification for or against the proposition in total agreement 
with the standards of the Society.  I would certainly not expect to be
given a vote.

				Stranger to Society, MKA Pamela Ambrose
					current whereabouts
					somewhere in Storvik

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