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Knowne World Bardic Circle/ Atlantian Royal

Poster: Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir <falcone@bellsouth.net>


I just can't believe that His Lordship, Bryce de Byrum, said:

>A few words of caution:
>Please leave your Dumbeks at home.

The hell, you say!  Harumphh!!!

>From here on out, I will consider it rude if you ever offer a
performance, other than drumming, in my camp, Bryce;)

BTW, it is doumbek, not dumbeks.  Dumbeks are the drummers with doumbeks
that take over pennsic bardics.  If they are playing a jimbe, we call
them dumbe.  If they are playing castinets, we call them something

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