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Re: Pay to vote

Poster: Neil Maclay <nmaclay@psi.prc.com>

In the Response of His Excellancy Baron Corun To Niall:
>Niall wrote:
>  .
>  .
>  .
>> When the various baronies take a vote for their next Baron and Baroness,
>> some of them offer a part of the official polling to go to non-members to
>> get their opinions.

He said:
>I do not know of any instance where this has happened. In my expereince
>the polling letters for a Baron and Baroness go only to those paid members
>whose mailing labels can be acquired from Milpitas.

I believe that I remember an instance in our Barony of Storvik. In the 
polling before Igor and Frevonia were made Baron and Baroness of Storvik,
I think that subscribers to the Drekkar that lived within the Barony
were polled even if they were not paid up national members. At that
time we were told that was following the precedent of earlier pollings
in Storvik but those events were before my time. Maybe one of those who
date back to before the earth's crust solidified could give us more

If one is voting in an organization I would consider membership essential.
But polling is a different animal and adhering to wierd local customs
adds zest to our organizational life. If I wanted only a rational political
life I would only belong to 'The One True Scientific Revolutionary 
Libertarian Communist Party'. (A charter member of the Last International)
[ Accept no Substitutes ]

		Malcolm MacMalcolm

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