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Pay to vote

Poster: Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir <falcone@bellsouth.net>

Allah's Peace!!

Sometime this week, Niall said:

>        I would like to know what people would think about a kingdom policy of pay
>to vote. When the various baronies take a vote for their next Baron and Baroness,
>some of them offer a part of the official polling to go to non-members to get their

The decision to include non-members in the baronial polling is made by
the baronial seneschal(Atlantian Great Book of Laws - 5.4.2).  I don't
like it either.  I believe that only the individuals that have empowered
themselves by taking the responsibility of membership should be allowed
to counsel the crowns concerning leadership in their local branch.  I
intend to encourage our seneschal to only send pollings to members, and
encourage the crown as much as possible to select my choice for
Windmasters' Hill.

Niall, to effect this change, the law must change from it's current

I agree with you wholeheartedly, but not all do, I'm sure.  This is the
perfect place and a timely subject, however, and I will listen for a

BTW, my thanks to all who participated in the Alcohol thread.  We had
pretty much the same comments and questions that were raised
everywhere(conformity without trying is a good thing), and some of those
questions have been put to the BoD for comment at their next meeting. 
So, watch for those Board minutes;)

Clerk 'O Law and all that:0)
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