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Re: lurker speaks & pay-to-vote

Poster: Thomas Hudson <hudson@cs.unc.edu>

Pamela Ambrose writes:

> I can't come
> out and play often and am a bit intimidated by how extravagant some people
> are with garb, gear, and weaponry.  Personally I am more impressed by
> those that create their own, no matter how uneven or sloppy some parts
> might be (mistakes are period too:) as opposed to those who buy.  I'd like
> to see more people barter their respective wares instead of resorting to
> modern currency.  I think it fosters more creativity and interest.  That
> is just my opinion, based on my experiences and almost empty purse.  I
> could more easily bake you bread or whittle you a staff than write you a
> check.

This is something I keep running into of late, mainly inside my own head.
But it doesn't work for me.  What I do in the society, and what I enjoy
about the society, just happens to match with what you'd expect from my 
persona - rapier play, music, dance, and research.  I am not an artisan,
and although I dabble in various crafts I never expect to (read "plan to")
become good at any.

Giovan Donato, who is not yet a tunesmith or choreographer, either,
even though those don't bear the stain of manual labor that could get
him barred from the patriciate
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