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Pay to vote

Poster: "Robin A Jensen" <griffaud@holdem.tez.net>

	Unto the Merry rose, does Niall Dolphin send greetings!

	I would like to know what people would think about a kingdom policy of pay
to vote. 
When the various baronies take a vote for their next Baron and Baroness,
some of them 
offer a part of the official polling to go to non-members to get their
opinions. In no other 
non profit organization that I know of does this happen. If I went into a
local chapter of the 
Red Cross as someone off the street, or even as a concerned citizen, and
insisted that I should have 
a vote on the election of the local president of the chapter without being
a member, I would be laughed 
out. More then once in the SCA has a polling been given and every signature
( including children and pets ) had been utilized to influence an
appointment or a decision. A pay to vote policy as far as I could tell
would give a better idea to the crown of what the opinion is of the more
active members of a group, or it would increase in membership because it
would make people get off their behinds. As far as thoes people who
consider themsleves too poor for a membership... an associate membership is
not that expensive, and even at my poorest in college did I manage to pay..
this was even before requirements for a membership for fighting.

in service to setting off bombs,
				Niall Dolphin
				(the artist formerly knows as Niall MacFarlane)
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