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Re: Pay to vote

Poster: karen@georesearch.com (Karen Green)

Niall Dolphin wrote:  "I would like to know what people would think
about a kingdom policy of pay to vote."

At this point, in so far as I know, a mailed polling is *just* that --
the address labels used for sending out the polling literature are sent
from Milpitas from the rolls of the membership of the specified ZIP
codes requested under the polling.

I have participated in more than one polling where I was not technically
on the labels for the polling -- either by virtue of the fact that I
lived in another ZIP code, or because my membership had lapsed.  I
simply wrote a letter expressing my opinions on whatever issue had come
up for polling, noting that I wasn't included on the original polling
list (and the reason why, if that mattered).

Karen Larsdatter
  Barony of Ponte Alto, Atlantia
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