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RE: Pay to vote

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Niall write:

> 	I would like to know what people would think about a kingdom
> policy of pay to vote.

Two points:

First, you are creating an illusion when you use the word "vote" in an SCA
context.  There are almost no true votes in the SCA.  There are a lot of
pollings.  A polling is a non-binding opinion gathering.

Second, the SCA-wide policy is, and has always been, that non-members do
not "vote" for anything of substance.  On Kingdom/Principality petitions,
on group (Barony/Shire/whatever) formation/dissolution/splitting, and
similar matters, pollings are always determined by the membership list. 
So the "kingdom policy" you espouse is the way things are being done in
the whole SCA, and the way they have been done for all my participation in
the SCA, and before that.


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