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Re: Pay to vote

Poster: Kai Scheppe <scheppe@hpl.umces.edu>

The regulations are intentionally vague to allow individual groups to make
their own decisions, from what somebody said, and I agree.

- If you feel that you have no "freeloaders" in your group, to use somebody
elses term, consider yourself lucky and let all give their opinion.

- If you feel that there are people who should not give their opinion due
to lack of participation or whatever else you don't like - take it up with
your Seneschal or the officers in general and let them take it to the group.

- If there are people who you feel would take advantage of the system in
your group - change it!  Again, talk to your Seneschal, to your officers,
to your populace in general.

This is not to incite trouble, but simply a necessity of the wonderful
freedom you enjoy.  The SCA wants to be all inclusive, which is great, but
everybody has to agree on some common denominator of conduct in pollings
and elsewhere.
Finding that common denominator cannot be legislated - you have to WORK to
find it.

The main points are these:

- Most importantly: If you don't like something that's going on in your
group then DO SOMETHING about it.  
Lots of griping and no action is one of the main afflictions in the SCA.  
Niall's message, while strongly motivated and an attempt to change
something, is misdirected.  It should go to those who are in charge of the
polling in question.

- Be chivalrous.  Others may not be chivalrous, but be so yourself. Be
open, be polite, be firm but be flexible.

- The SCA, while not entirely democratic, does try to keep the interests of
its members in mind.  If something is REALLY wrong, you CAN do something
about it.  Nobody has power unless you give it to them.

- Discourse:  I think this discussion is great.  Maybe there is a problem,
may be there is not.  The point is people are talking, things may change
because of it and there can only be progress through change.


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