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RE: contemptuous laughter

Poster: "Barclay, Peter CPT" <BarclayP@lee-dns1.ARMY.MIL>

Efen said...

>You think hitting each other is a clever way 
>of choosing a chief executive, but you still want to vote? What a bunch 
>of nuts...
>If more fun people played politics, politics would be more fun.

Gee, what a nice introduction to a NEW TOPIC

What do you think would be a "better" form of Crown Tournament?   What
about a tournament where both consorts had to participate?

Something along the lines of .......

	a) One must fight in the Heavy Tournament
	b) both must dance these (insert list) 5 dances and you will be judged
on 2 of the 5 (but we won't tell you which 2...)
	c) both must take a Heraldry quiz
	d) One must display a finished piece and a work in progress

lots more things could be added here to make the Royalty well rounded,
but still require your sword arm to be King.

Just some wild thoughts.


Maybe I could be king of beer.... some drunk monk handed me the divine
hop plant indicating my destiny...

Master Terafan Greydragon                 barclayp@lee-dns1.army.mil
Brewer, Fighter, Brewer, Autocrat, Brewer, Regional Seneschale, Brewer,
etc. ...

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