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Re: VOTE? contemptuous laughter

Poster: Lady Emma <j4j4u4wm@coastalnet.com>

Efenwealt Wystle wrote:

> Look folks, this isn't a democracy, its a game. "Feudalism at its
> Finest." I know the feelings and the people are real, but the government
> isn't. Sheesh, loosen up. You think hitting each other is a clever way
> of choosing a chief executive, but you still want to vote? What a bunch
> of nuts...
> If more fun people played politics, politics would be more fun.
> efen, Chairman of the Known World Disorder.

		Vote Efen for Emperor of the Known World!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey can I be your campaign manager?
pretty please?
with mottley on top???

who don't no nuthin' bout pollin' no 
baron(ess), miss scarlett
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