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Re: Pay to vote

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> >If you really want to restrict pollings to active members, I suggest
> >that you only solicit the pollings in places like the feast-hall
> >kitchen, and ask those doosers you poll not to tell their sedentary
> >friends about it.

> The problems with looking for the active people that way are:

> 1) All paid members should be polled

I based my suggestion on the premise "you really want to restrict
pollings to active members".  Your axiom here seems to contradict
my premise.  Perhaps I should reconsider my premise, and perhaps
you should reconsider yours.

> 2) Political factions do form in the SCA so some actives might be
>    left out for dislike from those asked about who should be polled

You could minimized this bias by using pollsters from every faction.

> 3) People do have mundane lives and to say that actives have to come to
>    "every" event is bias

You could minimized this bias by canvassing several events and
non-event meetings, and polling anyone seen acting at any one.

> 4) Don't mess with something that is not broken.

If, indeed, we really want to restrict pollings to active members,
AND we currently do not restrict pollings to active members, AND
you define something as broken when it fails to do what you want,
THEN premise (4) does not apply.

> One thing I think should be done is let the old Baron and/or Baroness
> Bryress (sp?) choose who gets polled after the initial members of the
> barony(paid)  Let them gauge who they think is active enough to deserve the
> right to poll.

I don't know about the Barons and Baronesses in Atlantia, but
giving such a responsibility to some of Barons and Baronesses
I knew in the East would have run afoul of your (2) premise.

> I also think the nominees should visit with
> their majesties or write a letter stating what they plan on doing with the
> barony if elected. I think that would be more a help then the poll in some
> ways to help with the decision.

I agree completely with this.

>                                 It would help elimanate those who just want
> to sit there just for the status.

Assuming that their Majesties share your view that a Baron or
Baroness shouldn't just sit there for the status.  But whatever
TRM want in the candidates, they would do well to interview them
to seek those qualities.

> For someone who says (Ummm make it a better place) should not get the position.
> I think those that want the position should have a lot of goals for the barony
> like bringing it together to make it more active and make it more productive
> from their plans.

Personally, prefer the opposite.  I tend to agree with Jefferson
when he said, "He governs best who governs least."

-- Alfredo
The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.
   -- Ralph Nader

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