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Re: Pay to vote

Poster: Me <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>

>   Niall, do you *really* intend to be this offensive?  Dammit, it's
>*my* money.  *I* worked for it.  *I* will decide how it should best 
>be spent.  Plenty of times I settle for hamburger, not because I *can't*
>afford steak, but because I *won't*.  Lots of other things get left on
>the shelf as well, not because I *can't* afford them, but because I 
>don't consider them to be a good buy.
Personally I think that with that kind of attitude is uncalled for.And I
think it is a valid question.And I did think it should be address.And as for
cursing at niall is very bad form(very rude) and only lessens the impact of
your opinion. I feel his opinion should be respected. And honestly I think
you should not be within  the process if you werent a member becuase you
sound very negative and need to stop taking the society so serious.Its only
a game.And what do you get for yelling at someone over email is beyond
me.Anyways this is a waste of band width trying to explain curtesy to you.
Myrddin of Marinus

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