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A modest proposal (no, not that one)

Poster: thestewart@juno.com (Marie A Stewart)

Greetings all -
	I have an idea that I would like to float by the various A&S
oriented folks 
	out there.  
	I don't know about the rest of you, but I tend to have great
flights of 
	fancy when designing a project.  Little details keep getting
added and
	the design becomes more intricate, or elaborate, or accurate for
	time the item is drawn from.   The result is the project takes a
long time
	to finish....  it keeps going and going and Growing and Growing. 
	But when it is finally done, WOW!  
	I would like to propose (and sponsor) a competition for next
	Kingdom A&S event... Specifically a  "One Year Project"
	The prize will be my one year project,  a stool.  Yeah, yeah
don't every
	one get excited at the same time.   To be more precise a
	accurate folding stool from 13th Century Italian design.  (Let me
	that out, there's  a trip to NYC)  The piece will be executed in
Walnut or
	Cherry, with inlay along the top and feet. 
	There, interested yet?   The prototype was at this years KA&S
	The rules would be as follows...  
	Start thinking about a project that you would like to complete. 
	something new you haven't tried, or a refinement on a skill you
	I would like a copy of the proposed project in my hands by, say
Sept. 15.
	That's nearly a month to recover from Pensic, and time to think
	things you might have seen there. 
	Judging is where things get really subjective... I might ask for
	to help with this...  Suggestions... Reasonable ones? 
	This would be open to everyone, and I hope to have a token for 
	who displays their piece at the end, whether finished or not, or
whether they
	want it judged or not, whether they would like feedback or not.  
	that's 2 year long projects I've promised.   
	What are the thoughts out there... Any interest?
	BTW, since I've stuck my finger on the tar baby... Anyone out
there know
	anything about coin stamping or minting?  
	Bridgette Kelly MacLean
	The MacLean of Atlantia

mka Mari Stewart    
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