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Re: Pennsic - road conditions

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Tanner Lovelace wrote:

> On Mon, 28 Jul 1997, Scott Law wrote:
> > Taking 68 all the way out doesn't add a huge amount of time, but
> > Evan is probably correct (haven't been straight out 70 for ages, so I don't
> > recall) that it is a bit steep in places.
> You know, everyone always says that I-68 doesn't add "a huge amount of
> time," but no one ever goes into specifics.  Looking at the map, it
> seems to me that the PA turnpike, as much as people hate it is pretty
> much the hypotenuse of a right triangle with I-68 as the bottom of it.
> Now as any good geometry student knows the hypotenuse is the much
> shorter length.  Even with construction, I think the turnpike will
> remain the faster way.

I've done it both ways in the same year, and I-68 has much less traffic
and I think a higher speed limit (and certainly lower speeding
tickets).  And almost never construction.  For me it worked out about
15-20 minutes longer, which is well worth it in terms of the sheer
aggravation of Jersey walls and whatnot on the Pike.

Pennsic commuter....
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