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Ballet: Stork Lake

Poster: Henry Best <jstrauss@poboxes.com>

Kendrick said:
>I've just been frantic for the
>last few days finishing up various Pennsic projects.  I just
>finished two pairs of stilts for myself and my wife, 

How exciting! I just spoke to Susanna, who is bringing her mk 3.0 stilts
to Pennsic. I'm bringing the tools and parts to upgrade her stilts to mk
3.1. I'm still on my trusty old mk 2.5s. 

That's two men and two women with stilts and barely an ounce of good
common sense among the four of us. Surely, with a whole week to practice,
we can develop a 2 couples dance on stilts. 

Juggling trivia: I just learned that the traditional name for someone  who
retrieves juggling drops for a stiltwalker is "Nick".

Try tho I might, I still can't juggle clubs more than about 15 throws
while on stilts.....


       John Strauss             |    Dr. Henry Best, OP       
       Lexington, KY            |    Dragonsmark, Midrealm      
       jstrauss@poboxes.com     |    "Jugate Potentum Gaudii"

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