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Re: Ballet: Stork Lake

Poster: Tanner Lovelace <lovelace@acm.org>

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, Henry Best wrote:

> Juggling trivia: I just learned that the traditional name for someone  who
> retrieves juggling drops for a stiltwalker is "Nick".

Hey cool!!  My little brother's name is "Nick".  Unfortunately, he's 
somewhere inbetween Portland, OR and Seattle, WA right now and not likely
to be at Pennsic this year.  Oh well, I'll have to find someone else.

> Try tho I might, I still can't juggle clubs more than about 15 throws
> while on stilts.....

Of course the obvious question here is: How many catches can you do
when not on stilts? ;-)  How are you doing with juggling balls on
stilts?  I'm sure it's probably just a matter of time and practice.
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