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A&S Chats at Pennsic XXVI!

Poster: Carol Reed <pcr@ic.net>

Unto the Pennsic XXVI-bound Gentles of the Knowne Worlde
     does Lady Fiadnata o Gleann Alainn,
          Deputy Arts & Sciences Coordinator for Pennsic XXVI,
               send greetings this fine July day!

I am pleased to announce that the A&S Chat Sessions will be held at
Pennsic XXVI. We already have one person scheduled for each session,
(and two for Wednesday!), and will gladly welcome anyone else who
would care to join the talks. They will be held on Wednesday through
Saturday of the first week of Pennsic, August 6-9, in A&S Tents III
or IV. (Check at the A&S Information Booth to find out which tent
will be used each day.)

For those who may have missed the first announcements of these chats,
these are intended to be casual talks, where A&S OldTimers will have
a chance to talk with people less experienced in A&S about how times
have changed, what A&S projects were like in "the Good Olde Days",
and generally relate how they became interested in A&S areas and why
they are still interested. These will not be periods of serious,
formal instruction (though all who are participating are *very*
welcome to bring examples of their work -- both first projects and
more recent works), but informal times when everyone can compare
notes. Here is the schedule as it stands now:

Wed. 8/6     Caitlin Cheannlaidir (Atlantia) -- glass beadmaking
             Master Hroar (MidRealm) -- ceramics & pottery
Thurs. 8/7   Mistress Kay of Tre Asterium (MidRealm) -- Embroidery
Fri. 8/8     Mistress Alys Katheryn (MidRealm) -- cookery & subtleties
Sat. 8/9     Saradwen Ariandalen (MidRealm) -- callig. & illumination

(We also have another gentleman who has just volunteered, but hasn't
chosen a day and time, as of yet.)

So come and talk with Lady Caitlin and Master Hroar on Wednesday
about their crafts. The contrast in disciplines and Kingdoms should
prove very interesting.
Sit and stitch with Ms. Kay of Tre Asterium on Thursday for Embroidery
Studio Time.  She will focus on samplers and counted thread stitches,
but is willing to advise on anything you want to work on.  "Start Your
Own 16th Century Sampler" booklets and a few kits will be available
for sale.  She taught this class at War 4 years ago, and will be
teaching afollow-up class "More Designs for Your 16th Century Sampler" 
on Monday and Thursday of War Week.

Talk with Mistress Alys Katherine about cooking, subtleties and the
correct presentations of feasts. See how feasts have changed over the

Chat with Lady Saradwen about her many years of C&I. Ask her how all
types of scrolls have evolved in her time in the Society. Talk with
her about some of her many other areas of interest!

We'll look forward to seeing you every afternoon, Wednesday through
Saturday of the first week of Pennsic (Aug. 6th-9th), 1:00-3:00, at
either A&S Tent III or IV. Come and join us!

           Lady Fiadnata o Gleann Alainn
           Deputy A&S Coordinator, Pennsic XXVI
           (m.k.a. Carol Reed, pcr@ic.net)
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