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Re: Comments on Proposed Marshalling changes

Poster: Christopher Mark Faulcon <mfaulcon@or.atinc.com>

Christopher M Dawson wrote:

> > PROPOSED for comment: Unpadded pole arms be allowed according to the
> >SCA wide rules.  This would allow pole arms of up to seven feet long.
> Though I have no discrepancies with a 7 foot pole arm, I think that
> some
> sort of padding, at least  1inch close cell, would do.  If you leave
> the
> weapon unpadded and 7 feet long the force of a blow would be far
> beyond
> that of a 6 foot great sword.  I fear the injuries that would result
> from
> the extra force that could be generated even with an arc of 90 degree
> restriction.   Though it would not be common place, I think most would
> agree that tempers can flare on the field.  The results of such a
> weapon,
> as proposed, could lead to a bad situation before any intervention
> could
> be made.
> In Service,
> Nikolai Bearslayer
> Knight Marshal
> Shire of Seareach

Here in Trimaris, all we use is unpadded polearms. When I first moved
here, I thought they were crazy for using them, but I hav found that
having no padding in the head of a polearm tends to make both the user
and the 'victim' very conscious of blow force. I also discovered that
the types of injuries sustained from great weapon combat in Trimaris
tend to be different than in Atlantia. In Trimaris, deep tissue bruises
are somewhat more common, due to the lack of padding, but the incidence
of musculo-skeletal injuries is significantly lower, because the weight
of the weapon is distributed over its entire length, rather than
concentrated at the head, as in a padded weapon.

This has also allowed Trimaris to combine polearm and greatsword into a
single authorization. When there is no padding on either weapon, the
cosmetic differences between them are minimal, and there isn't much in
the rules of the list preventing someone from making a polearm shaped
like a greatsword, with a longer grip.

The question is, can the experience of Trimaris, where armor is lighter
and calibration is not quite as high, apply in Atlantia? There is
certainly a point beyond which it is unsafe to wield unpadded weapons
without raising the armor standards, but is the general level of
acknowledgement in the kingdom above or below this point?

Martin Lochner
Atlantia, Trimaris, and a few other places, too.

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