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Re: padded vs. unpadded polearms

Poster: Dan Mackison <DanM@skantech.com>

Jeffrey Sussman wrote:
> Poster: Jeffrey Sussman <jsussman@erols.com>
> Greetings from Richard!
> Just a clarification, we are not considering eliminating the padded
> polearm.
> Just adding the unpadded polearm.
> Those who want a halberd style pole arm can still use the padded version
> and those who want a pole arm reminiscent of a fighting spear or glaive
> can use the unpadded version.

I want to clarify a point I made when I transferred this discussion from
the Acorn to the Merry Rose:
Although I have reservations about great swords and polearms (padded or
otherwise) in inexperienced hands, I have no objection to unpadded
polearms as authorizations now stand.  The safety or "dangerousness" (is
that even a word?) of a weapon is in the hands of the wielder more than
any one design over another. 

On a more individual note, if this ever makes it to the testing phase, I
would love to be on the list to try this out. I have plans for a
"flamberge" polearm that never quite worked as a padded weapon (too
heavy to wield effectively). For the curious (don't try this at home or
insert your own disclaimer here), the design is thus: 
Take two pieces of rattan, one 4-6 feet long and one 18 inches long and
attach them 18 inches from one end of the longer piece to form a cross.
Put thrusting tips on all four points. Leaving a 10-18 inch ricasso
"above" the crossguard, mark the long end of the cross as a striking
surface "blade." You can see how heavy this gets with this whole three
foot blade padded.

Before you ask, I made the padded version, swung it around a bit without
actually hitting anybody, and took it aprt the same night. I have never
even constructed it without padding.


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