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Badger Party at Pennsic

Poster: PETERSR@spiegel.becltd.com (Peters, Rise J.)

Unto the denizens of the Merry Rose, fond greetings, and an invitation for 
the Pennsic-bound;

This year's Drunken Badger party will be held on Friday, August 15th,
starting at 8:30, at our camp near the intersection of Hill Road and Good
Intentions (the same site we've had for the last seven Wars).  This year 
will mark the reappearance of the Lusty Wench & Lucky Knave Tavern, and
the theme (to encourage both your spirits and your donations) is "Tip the
Wench."  Last year's wench-tipping went well, it took us days to get them 
all right-side-up again!

The party will feature lusty wenches, dancing and drumming (dancers and
drummers welcome), some singing, lusty wenches, some more drumming, lucky 
knaves (we hope) and, as always, Badger Brew.  We will have a corner
available in which to stack those who eat the fruit and cannot make it out
of camp.

We hope to see all of you there!

In service,

Caitlin the Wilful, Lady Wench

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