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Re: Just for fun... Add a line

Poster: bearslayer@juno.com (Christopher M Dawson)

On Fri, 1 Aug 1997 15:14:00 -0400 "Randall, Grey" <grandall@proxicom.com>
>Poster: "Randall, Grey" <grandall@proxicom.com>
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>	Poster: Lady Emma <j4j4u4wm@coastalnet.com>
>	Beverly Robinson-Curry wrote:
>	> 
>	> Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry
>	> 
>	> Twas the weekend before Pennsic and all through the land,
>	> Every seamstress was sewing, every sewing machine manned;
>	> 
>	> Your turn...
>	> 
>	> R
>	Rubber made boxes were stacked by the door
>	tents and pole arms covered the floor
>	A yard sale tomorrow to make some fast cash
>	then off to the Wal-mart we'll fly in a flash
>When from the upstairs bedroom there arose such a din,
>My teenage son misplaced his garb bin.
>Down to the basement I flew like a deer,
>To find it resting where he put it last year.

>The children were off to Camp Grandma's with care,
>Now we can sew, they're out of our hair;

>The pavilions and tables, all shoved in the cars, 
>all gentles hoped that they had enough garb,  

Running around finding a ride,
for alas, good friends, my wagon has died,

Wonder what way one is to take,
to quickly get to Cooper's lake,

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