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SCA, and cookies too

Poster: dhritter@duke-energy.com (David H Ritterskamp)

On Wed, 27 Aug 1997, "David L. Booker" <dbooker@gte.net> wrote:
>Okay, pass this on wherever.  I understand this originally came from a 
>Scadian in Ansteorra. ;-) A
>--------- Begin forwarded message ----------
>A friend passed this on to me -- great story and great reason to keep
>it on to your friends !!!
>Madam, or 'Queta, or Harriet
>My daughter & I had just finished a salad at Neiman-Marcus Cafe in Dallas
>decided to have a small dessert.  Because both of us are such cookie
>we decided to try the "Neiman-Marcus Cookie." (EDITORIAL COMMENT: 
>Neiman's is 
>a VERY EXPENSIVE department store in the States).  It was so excellent
>that I
>asked if they would give me the recipe, and the waitress said with a
>frown, "I'm afraid not."
>     Well," I said, "would you let me buy the recipe?"  With a cute smile
>said, "Yes."  I asked how much, and she responded, "Only two fifty; it's
>great deal!".  I said with approval, "Just add it to my tab".  Thirty
>later, I received my VISA statement from Neiman-Marcus, and it was
>$285.00.  I 
>looked again, and I remembered I had only spent $9.95 for two salads and
>$20.00 for a scarf.  As I glanced at the bottom of the statement, it
>"Cookie Recipe - $250.00".  That's outrageous!!  I called Neiman's
>Dept. and told them the waitress said it was "two-fifty," which clearly
>not mean "two hundred and fifty dollars" by any POSSIBLE interpretation
>of the 
>phrase.  Neiman-Marcus refused to budge.
>     They would not refund my money, because according to them, "What the
>waitress told you is not our problem. You have already seen the recipe;
>absolutely will not refund your money at this point."  I explained to her
>criminal statues which govern fraud in Texas; I threatened to refer them
>to the 
>Better Business Bureau and the State's Attorney General for engaging in
>I was basically told, "Do what you want; we don't give a crap, and we're
>refunding your money."  I waited, thinking of how I could get even, or
>even try 
>and get any of my money back.  I just said, "Okay, you folks got my $250,
>now I'm going to have $250.00 worth of fun."  I told her that I was going
>see to it that every cookie lover in the United States with an e-mail
>has a $250.00 cookie recipe from Neiman-Marcus . . . for free.  She
>replied, "I
>wish you wouldn't do this."  I said, "Well, you should have thought of
>before you ripped me off," and slammed down the phone on her.  So here it
>Please, please, please pass it on to everyone you can possibly think of. 
>paid $250 for this . . . I don't want Neiman-Marcus to  EVER get another
>off of this recipe . . . .
>(Recipe may be halved)
>2 cups butter
>4 cups flour
>2 tsp. soda
>2 cups sugar
>5 cups blended oatmeal (Measure oatmeal and blend in a blender to a fine 
>24 oz. chocolate chips
>2 cups brown sugar
>1 tsp. salt
>1 8 oz. Hershey Bar (grated)
>4 eggs
>2 tsp. baking powder
>2 tsp. vanilla
>3 cups chopped nuts (your choice)
>Cream the butter and both sugars.  Add eggs and vanilla; mix together
>flour, oatmeal, salt, baking powder, and soda.  Add chocolate chips,
>Bar, and nuts.  Roll into balls, and place two inches apart on a cookie
>sheet.  Bake for 10 minutes at 375 degrees.  Makes 12 cookies.  Have
>This is not a joke . . . this is a true story.  Ride free citizens!
>Katherine Watt             kcwatt@ucdavis.edu
>--------- End forwarded message ----------

Cookie lovers of the world, UNITE!!


Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
Clan O'Shannon
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