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Cookies, Music & Sex

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

I suggest that anyone who wishes to forward the Neiman-Marcus cookie
story to an _SCA_ mailing list should first change it to say
"Trollhouse Cookie".

A Swedish website (http://home3.swipnet.se/~w-37418/cookie.html) tells
the full story, including the recipe for the cookies that N-M started
to make just to satisfy the people who kept asking for them because
of the rumor.

This all reminds me of a true SCA story that happened to me:

I met a woman attending her very first event.  At her very second
event, Pennsic, she heard AEd of Avigdor sing his song "Cookies, Music
and Sex".  At subsequent events I got to know this woman, and
eventually we got married.

One day, we two went to an L&N restaurant at the Carousel Mall in
Liverpool, NY.  We told the waitress that we admired the warm biscuits
that she had set out when she seated us, and asked her for the recipe.
The waitress told us that they made the biscuits fresh from a mix that
the main office sent out.  But she also told us that that very
restaurant would close down in a few weeks, to make way for a new
seafood restaurant.  Then, after our meal, as we left the restaurant,
our waitress gave us a five-pound box of L&N Biscuit Mix, free of
charge!  We baked some at home, and they tasted pretty good, but not
quite the same as the ones in the restaurant.

This actually happened to me!  I kid you not!

-- Alfredo
Sic Friat Crustulum
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