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Poster: Jeffrey Sussman <jsussman@pop.erols.com>

Neil Maclay wrote:
> I remember a couple of times when the Mid hired the Atlantian
> army with cookies. The King at the time ate a good share before
> they got passed to the troops.

The Atlantian army has never been "hired."  There have been more than
one occaison when we receieved gifts and tokens of admiration from both
> I have not puchased mercenaries in the past because I don't
> have the wealth to do so. But other members of my household
> afliation have. Sir Stephan has, as has Sir Timothy,  Lord Imran,
> and Thomas of Calais. With groups like Anglesey, we didn't ask
> for loyalty. We just pointed them at the enemy and asked them
> to kick butt. They were always happy to do so.

It is a long standing position of the Kingdom of Atlantia that the
Kingdom and people acting for the kingdom do not hire mercenaries.

Individuals, acting as individuals, of course do not have to follow the
policies of their kingdom in this regard.  This is a matter of custom
not law.  However, I think that Barons and Baronesses that hire
mercenaries are violating their responsibilities to represent the Crown
when they hire mercenaries, unless they can distance themselves from
their position when they do such hiring.

I think this is one of those cases where how you do something is more
important than what is actually being done.  If you get a group of
people to fight WITH you out of friendship and you happen to shower them
with gifts then they're allies.  If they fight FOR you because you pay
them, then they're mercenaries.

Disclaimer, These opinions have been run by the current Crown.  They
are, however, the opinion of the Northern Region Warlord.  (who thinks
its just fine to find lots of "friends" and shower them with "gifts").

Yours in Service to Atlantia,
Richard Fitzgilbert
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