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RE: University Catalog

Poster: Louise Sugar <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

[Louise Sugar]  The Fall session of the University of Atlantia will be 
hosted by the Canton of Misty Marsh by the Sea on November 8, 1997 on the 
grounds of Francis Marion University.  Session 43 will offer classes of the 
diversity and excellence students have come to expect.  There will be a 
total of 72 hours of classroom and workshop instruction in addition to 
teaching of heavy weapons and rapier skills in an outdoor setting.
 The following catalog is as complete as I can make it in advance based on 
publication deadlines.  This is being written at the end of August.  Should 
there be changes to the catalog, I will do my best to see they are posted 
on the University's home page. The address is 
 Your servant,
 Mistress Deirdre O'Siodhachain, Chancellor
 Students are encouraged to preregister.  Most classes have space the day 
of University, but those with limited seating tend to fill up early. 
 Guarantee your spot by filling out the enclosed registration form and 
mailing it to the Registrar, Countess Elizabeth Beaufort, as listed on the 
form.  Please make sure your information is as complete as possible and 
that a check for all applicable fees is included. Make checks out to 
University of Atlantia/SCA Inc. If registering the day of University, 
materials fees are paid directly to the instructor.  Limited 
preregistration by e-mail will be allowed during October 19-31, 1997 and 
will not be accepted prior to that time.  E-mail registration is allowed 
only for those classes that do not have a materials fee.  The e-mail should 
include the same information as requested on the registration form.  If the 
e-mail registration is deemed incomplete, the Registrar will not be obliged 
to add your name to the class roster, so please be careful.  Send e-mail 
inquiries to AtlantiaU@aol.com.  Include your name (both SCA and modern), 
address, whether this is your first university, and whether you intend to 
have the lunch sponsored by Misty Marsh.
 Site Restrictions:
 There are few site restrictions except those dictated by common sense and 
courtesy.  Please wear appropriate period clothing and conduct yourself in 
manner consistent with the honor and good name of Atlantia. I apologize, 
but the site has said merchants will not be allowed.
 The Canton is offering a lunch at a modest price as a fundraiser.  If you 
plan to have lunch on-site, please mark the check box on your registration 
form so an accurate headcount can be obtained. The last time a host group 
provided lunch at a University, it nearly ran out of food because they 
could not accurately gauge the demand.  As a courtesy to our hosts, do not 
let this happen again.  There are also a number of restaurants fairly close 
by (both fast food and sit-down).  A list of restaurants and directions 
will be available at the University.
 Crash space is limited.  Contact the autocrat, Sir Christian Darmody (C  
lint Darby) at (803)332-2324, if you need crash space.  For those who 
intend to stay at commercial lodgings, Misty Marsh has arranged for a group 
rate at the Sleep Inn on Highway 52 at I-95 (exit 164) in Florence, SC. The 
rate is $46/night with up to four in a room.  Each additional person over 4 
will be $5 each.  All rooms have a microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator, 
and hair dryer.  The price also includes a free continental breakfast. 
 Their telephone number is (803)662-8558. Identify yourself as with the SCA 
when making your reservation to get the reduced rate.
 To the site:  Take your best route to I-95 and Florence, SC.  Take exit 
170 for Hwy 327, heading south.  (This is four lanes--north is only two.) 
There are signs on the Interstate for Francis Marion University and Myrtle 
Beach.  Go 5 miles to the first stop light (do not include the blinking 
caution light).  Hwy 327 turns left, intersecting with Hwy 301 and Hwy 76. 
 This area is usually heavily patrolled, so watch your speed.   Proceed 
about 1.5 miles to the next light.  Turn right.  The college is then on 
your left.  Use Gate 2 or Gate 3 and park in Lot A or Lot E.  The buildings 
we are using are connected by a breezeway on the ground floor.
 To the hotel:  Take your best route to I-95 and Florence, SC and take exit 
164. Go north toward Darlington.  The motel is less than 1/2 mile from the 
interchange and is on the right behind the Shoney's.  There are numerous 
restaurants and other lodgings in this area.
 The Catalog
 There will be six hours of rapier instruction in an outdoors setting. 
 Specific information on class offerings will be available at University.
 10:00 a.m.
 Basic Inkle Weaving (2 hours) - Anna Ridley
Class limit - 10
Materials fee - $15
 Learn to warp and weave on an inkle loom, a discussion of how to draft 
basic patterns.  The instructor will build looms and provide materials for 
a starter project at cost.
 Beginning Doumbek (1 hour) - Efenwealt Wystle
 Basic techniques and beats beyond Beledi.
 Beginning Illumination (1 hour) - Luisa O'Reilly
 An overview of getting started included discussion on layout technique and 
supply needs.
 Coursing Greyhounds (1 hour) - Kari Kyst
 The theory and practice of running sight hounds to a lure.
 Designing an SCA Name Using the Rules for Submission  (1 hour) - Rhiannon 
ui Neill
 Submission work with regard to designing names and naming practices in the 
 History of the World Part II (1 hour) - Thomas Smith of Ayr
Handout fee - $1 (proceeds to be donated to The Oak)
 Two fun-filled, intellectually stimulating hours of interactive seminar 
covering the bumpy road that was Europe's lot after 1066 until the end of 
the Middle Ages. Tales of violence, pestilence, intrigue and technological, 
political, and economic revolutions abound.
 Leatherworking Workshop (all day) - Damon Argent
Materials fee - $25 if making a bottle, otherwise free to observers
 This session will concentrate on  Costrels (sand formed wax hardened 
leather bottles). The instructor will show them in various stages as it 
takes more than a day to dry. If any one wishes to try to construct one, 
 materials will be available. This will include full documentation and 
 Marshal Training (2 hours) - Richard Fitzgilbert
 A presentation by the kingdom Earl Marshal for all heavy weapons marshals 
and fighters. The classroom session will be followed by an afternoon 
outdoor practice specifically focused on training for good interaction 
between marshals and fighters.
 Masters of Defense (1 hour) - Alan of Gravesend
 Middling Sort I (1 hour) - Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane
 An introduction to everyday life of the middle class in Italy in the 14th 
and 15th centuries.
 Sixteenth Century Bobbin Lace (2 hours) - Francesca la Curiosa
Class limit - 6 new students (although experience lacemakers are welcome to 
sit in)
Materials fee - $20 for a starter kit which includes everything necessary 
for a beginner
 Learn hands-on the fine craft of making bobbin lace.  Some history, but 
mostly technique.
 Wrapped Buttons (1 hour) - Aileen McDonagh
 How to make cloth buttons -- the perfect and inexpensive finishing touch 
-- as seen in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion.
 11:00 a.m.
 Basic Blazonry (1 hour) - Eldred Aelfwald
 Have you every said, "Gee, I sure would like a device," but don't know how 
to design one? Here are the rules to follow.
 Insular Miniscule (1 hour) - Genevieve D'Evreux
 How to letter with this early period celtic script.  Discussion to include 
basic and more decorative forms and appropriate illumination styles. Bring 
a broad point calligraphy pen, if possible.
 Linenfold Carving of the Elizabethan Era (1 hour) - Nicholas Trent
 Linenfold carving was popular throughout the Elizabethan era for 
decorating both furniture and panelling. Visit a cabinet maker's shop and 
see how easy linenfold carving can be to produce. The attending journeyman 
will demonstrate how to use the appropriate tools to create a variety of 
linenfold designs, from the easy to the complex.
 Making Wound Glass Beads Lecture and Demo (1 hour) - Caitlin Cheannlaidir
 An introduction to and demonstration of the techniques to make wound glass 
beads.  This class is open to all.  Individual sessions for beginners and 
intermediate students will be held in the afternoon and appointments for 
them should be made with the instructor following class.  There will be a 
small materials fee for the individual sessions.
 The Medieval Warhorse (1 hour) - Beatrice Brandon
 A discussion of the breeds, training methods, and equipment of the 
 The Middling Sort II (1 hour) - Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane
 An introduction to everyday life in the middle class in Northern Europe in 
the late medieval period.
 Twelfth Century Anglo-Norman Fashion (1 hour) - Arawynn of Ravenhall
 Some fashion examples for men and women will be presented with a 
structured presentation of the look of the period.
 1:30 p.m.
 Bad Kings: History and Perceptions (1 hour) - Lyanna ferch Gwynhelek
 A look at Edward II and Richard III of England and why they were 
considered bad kings  in spite of equally appalling behavior on the part of 
some of their predecessors and descendants.
 A Brief History of the Theater (1 hour) - Ylsa Broussard
 A short look at the progression of theater from the Greek festivities to 
the Globe.
 Animal Blazonry (1 hour) - Eldred Aelfwald
 Rampant, Statant, Contourney, ... What does it all mean? The various 
heraldic positions for beasts, birds, and other creatures will be explained 
in full.
 Cooking in the Great Outdoors (1 hour) - Stefan of Caer Mear
 How to cook a feast outdoors without modern  materials. Firemaking for 
cooking and baking emphasized using a Pennsic meal plan as a basis for 
planning and preparation..
 Easy Period Headgear for Ladies (1 hour) - Ginevra de' Rossi
 Examples of simple head coverings for women such as "Juliet" caps and 14th 
c. templers.
 Fighters' Fitness (2 hours) - Magdelena de Hazebrouck
 A workshop to access personal fitness for fighters and how to train 
 A Guide to Period Soapmaking (1 hour) - Aodh Adendra Marland
 A survey of the sources and techniques for the domestic manufacture of 
 History of Needle Lace - Lecture and Practicum (2 hours) - Deirdre of 
Boolteens (Charlene Noto)
Class limit - 15
 The class presents both the historical background and hands-on experience 
for learning about Italian needlepoint lace. Materials and handouts are 
provided to complete a lace example and to incorporate the class 
information into your own work. The class will learn to make two-tiered 
scalloped edging with further instructions for creating reticella or punto 
di aria.  Embroidery experience is helpful but not required.
 Making Would Glass Beads - Beginner's Workshop
Limit - 8 timeslots
Materials fee $6
 This will be a chance to try, hands-on, the lampworking technique for 
making wound glass beads.   Wound glass beads are found throughout the 
Middle Ages,  and using lampworking one can duplicate almost any type of 
wound bead.  Sign up for half-hour slots to try it yourself (exact time 
established on-site the day of University).  Hands-on participants are 
asked to bring safety  glasses if they have them.  Everything else will be 
provided.  There is a $6 fee for hands-on materials and handouts, although 
it may be waived it for those  who are fascinated but impoverished.  In 
addition, information will be available about La Compagnia dei Maestri del 
Vetro, the newly formed Glassworkers' Guild.
 Pinked, Buttoned, Tasseled, and Trimmed (1 hour) - Jenny Winslow
 Come for a hands-on look at a variety of ways to decorate the clothing of 
the Elizabethan middle class.  The class will review many samples of 
fabrics, braids, and trims, as well as hand-made buttons and tassels 
followed by a discussion of appropriate tools and materials.
 Vines and Acanthus Leaves (1 hour) - Rebecca the Contrary
 Simple ways to draw or paint either.
 2:30 p.m.
 Carving the Beast (1 hour) - Robear de Beroulf
 How to properly carve meats for the feast table.
 Commedia dell'Arte (1 hour) - Ylsa Broussard
 A hands-on look at the characters and scenarios of the commedia. Active 
participation by students is requested, but not required.
 Downward Mobility in Clothing Styles (1 hour) - Instructor TBA
 How the middle class in period adapted the clothing styles of their 
betters and how you can do the same.
 Elizabethan Pursestringes and Poyntes (1 hour) - Chriemhild von Regensburg 
 Learn to make poyntes for lacing bodieces and frogs for fastening surcoats 
using the simple fingerloop braiding technique.  Thread will be provided, 
but you are welcome to bring your own.
 Matching Period Illumination Styles to Personas (1 hour) - Allasondrea de 
 What style of illumination is appropriate for which type of persona?
 Pronunciation of Italian (1 hour) - Ginevra de' Rossi
 How to pronouce Italian with a special focus for heralds and Italian 
 Soapstone-mould Casting (1 hour) - Dafydd ap Gwystl
Class limit - 15
Materials fee - $1
 Practicum on pewter casting in soapstone moulds.
 Surviving Court (1 hour) - Eldred AElfwald
 How to survive gaffes, tongue-twisters and horrid scroll texts in court. 
 Also, an overview of basic court etiquette, set up and acceptable 
 3:30 p.m.
 Autocratting 101 (1 hour) - Terafan Greydragon and Thomas Smyth of Ayr	
Handout fee:  $2
 The instructors will teach the fine art of having fun as an autocrat based 
upon their own extensive experience.  The class will cover techniques of 
organization from start to finish, including initial planning, establishing 
and keeping a budget, determining costs, keeping feasts in budget, and how 
to put it all together.  The handout will be an autocrat's handbook. 
 Quantities will be limited based on preregistration.
 Celtic Knotwork for the Non-artist  (2 hours) - Aelfred of Cres
Required materials: pen and/or pencil, graph paper
 This class will introduce the non-artists to the dot method of celtic 
knotwork. Basic construction, design and scroll layout will be covered. A 
list of sources will be provided.
 Death from a Distance Forum (2 hours) - Steafan O'Reilly
 A discussion of current rules and regulations, armor standards, and 
authorization, combat arrows, and field tactics.
 Documentation (1 hour) - Aileen McDonaugh
 What it is and what it is for.  Includes a group exercise in how to 
document different types of arts for competition.
 Elizabethan Broadside Ballads (1 hour) - Gregory Blount
 Learn authentic ballads from the 16th century.
 Elizabethan Makeup (2 hours) - Isobel Gildingwater
 A hands-on class that shows how to achieve the complete Elizabethan 
Courtly Appearance, demonstrated on a victim, er, volunteer from the class. 
 Covers the period materials used and safe modern substitutes for
them, and an overview of beauty standards of the time.  Not for the 
 Heraldry for Children (1 hour) - Instructor TBA
 Doing an heraldic demo for kinds at a school? Or have a spare hour for 
your children's activities? Come get ideas and instruction on how to 
introduce children to heraldry and keep their interest.
 Making Would Glass Beads - Intermediate Workshop (2 hours)
 This is an open session for intermediate student to discuss and explore 
ways to enhance their work.
 The Middle Class Kitchen in England and France (1 hour) - Alisoun MacCoul 
of Elphane
 An introductory guide to middle class cookery and its tools as described 
in period sources.
 Musical Notation Oddities (1 hour) - Robyyan Torr d'Elandris
 This class will discuss how to read and understand some of the unusual 
notation that appears in music scores associated with early music. 
 Students must have basic music reading skills, but there will be no 
sight-reading required.
 Narrow Band Weaving (2 hours) - Lasair Burke
 A basic discussion and comparison of Inkle Weaving, Rigid Heddle Weaving 
and Tablet Weaving.
Students are encouraged to bring looms with works in progress.  We can 
discuss any problems and
share designs etc.
 4:30 p.m.
 Chant (1 hour) -  Gregory Blount
 Learn about a musical form much neglected in our Current Middle Ages. 
After a short introduction to chant notation, we will learn a chant and 
then work on blending our voices.
 Herbal Lore (1 hour) - Madeleine d'Angers
 A class taught in persona about the uses of herbs in healing and for 
cosmetic purposes.
 Kumihimo or Japanese Braids (1 hour) - Celrin
Class limit - 6
Materials fee - $5
 Learn to make two different braids suitable for many uses.  Traditionally 
done on a wooden stand, but students will work with a cardboard loom.
 Period Sports (1 hour) - Torquil MacTaggert
 A study of period sports and how they relate to modern games.
 Stitches Fit for a Queen (1 hour) - Branwen Wallis
Class limit - 6
Materials fee - $5
 Learn to make this beautiful, textural stitch that was very popular in 
Elizabethan embroidery using silk threads on linen fabric. If time allows 
the instructor will discuss other types of stitches and threads.

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