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Re: University

Poster: viking@groupz.net (Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen;Maria Munitz)

> You're making the assumption that southern groups haven't made bids.  They
> have.   Granted the majority live up north, so it makes sense to have more
> up there, but not to forget those of us down here.  We are very grateful to
> Mistress Deirdre.

>The tradition has been that University sessions rotate around the
>kingdom.  The rotation has been flexible depending on the number of
>sessions held in a given year but there has been a concerted effort to
>make sure that there is a session somewhere towards the southern reaches
>of the kingdom every year or two.  In fact there is now a regional
>deputy to the Chancellor for just such a purpose.
   It would be nice if this tradition were consistant, but the record shows
that the last southern university was in Misty Marsh on 12/93. That's more
than 2 years ago.  Whereas of the last 8 universities, 7 were in the
northern region, 6 in Virginia alone.  One was in Kapellenberg in the
central region.  Luckily the central region is accessible to some of us
(IMHO, I would love to see more Kingdom events take place in the NC area
because it is more central, kinda like what Trimaris does around Orlando.) 
The next southern U. before that was in Cyddlain Downs in 10/88.  Hidden
Mountain had one in 5/87.  So in reality in the last 10 years there have
been 3 southern universities out of 25 total, 4 if you count Sacred Stone's
12/91 session (technically central region, but wonderfully accessible to us
southerners).  I'm sorry but that's not proportional.
   I'm delighted that there is now a southern deputy.  But what exactly
does that mean?  Will southern groups have an improved chance of their bids
being accepted?  Or will that mean there will be sessions planned
specifically for the south?  
>I'd certainly encourage groups in the south to begin looking to next
>year for another session ~ start looking at requirements, looking at
>possible sites, etc.

You can count on it.   :^)
And maybe one with lodging too.

>On the other matter:
>This whole argument of it being hard(er) for people to get to events in
>the south/north/VA/East Jepippsville
>is patently ridiculous;

Agreed with totally, but southerners are tired of the whining when
something's down here.  :^)  (I'm trying desperately to keep from crying,"
But Mommm, he started it first!!)

>any event that is closer to one end of the
>kingdom than the other is bound to be harder to get to for folks at the
>other end.  A fact of life, and one of the possible arguments for a P..
>Pr...Principality.  (Bet y'all didn't think I could say that!!)

Principality??  In a kingdom this small?  Think of poor Atenveldt when it
stretched from Arizona to Montana.  It takes 7 hours to speed from around
Tuscon to Flagstaff.  And that's just part of ONE state.   And what about
the Trimarian shire in Antartica?  I bet they would love to go to a kingdom
level event around Orlando. Atlantians don't know how easy they have it. 
Regional rotation should fix any real problems.  Theoretically.

Lady G


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