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Re: University

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen;Maria Munitz wrote:

>    It would be nice if this tradition were consistant, but the record shows
> that the last southern university was in Misty Marsh on 12/93. That's more
> than 2 years ago.  Whereas of the last 8 universities, 7 were in the
> northern region, 6 in Virginia alone.  One was in Kapellenberg in the
> central region.  

The overall statistics are even more Virginia-centric:  

13 sessions in VA
6 in Storvik/Ponte Alto
2 in Lochmere (and none anywhere else in MD)
11 in NC (at least two of which were in Sacred Stone)
3 in SC

(and two in groups that I don't recall the location of - Bad Seneschal,
no biscuit! :-)

So, yes, it's not 'even'.  But there's at least been an attempt.  Last
year, for example, there was only one session.  This year we'll have had
three, but there isn't another one planned until next June.  On that
kind of schedule...

>    I'm delighted that there is now a southern deputy.  But what exactly
> does that mean?  Will southern groups have an improved chance of their bids
> being accepted?  Or will that mean there will be sessions planned
> specifically for the south?

More the former than the latter, I think.  Having been only peripherally
involved in the recent planning, I understand that for the session in
November, there was only one southern bid and that one nearly fell
through.  I believe the intent of having a southern deputy is to have
someone local who can check out sites, talk with local groups, etc and
promote southern bids.

> >I'd certainly encourage groups in the south to begin looking to next
> >year for another session ~ start looking at requirements, looking at
> >possible sites, etc.
> You can count on it.   :^)
> And maybe one with lodging too.

That would be *excellent*!!!

> Principality??  In a kingdom this small?  Think of poor Atenveldt when it
> stretched from Arizona to Montana.  It takes 7 hours to speed from around
> Tuscon to Flagstaff.  And that's just part of ONE state.   And what about
> the Trimarian shire in Antartica?  I bet they would love to go to a kingdom
> level event around Orlando. Atlantians don't know how easy they have it.
> Regional rotation should fix any real problems.  Theoretically.

Yeah, and now all that's left of Atenveldt is Arizona....<grin>

The problems in the past with 'fixed' rotations is that groups were
burning out.  (Look at what happened in Caer Mear when 2-3 major events
a year were held there!)   But I'm sure TRM and I would *love* to see
proposals for a reasonable, equitable and not-too-tiring rotation
system!!!  Propose away!!!

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