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Re: University

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

>>> You're making the assumption that southern groups haven't made bids.
>>> They have.

Henry tried to get a southern site in '94 and '95 and didn't get a bid.
Which SC groups have made bids in the last five years?

> >The tradition has been that University sessions rotate around the
> >kingdom.

That tradition is, however, very dependent on who submits bids.

>    It would be nice if this tradition were consistant, but the record shows
> that the last southern university was in Misty Marsh on 12/93. That's more
> than 2 years ago.  Whereas of the last 8 universities, 7 were in the
> northern region, 6 in Virginia alone.

Let's see: Lochmere, Drachentor, Ponte Alto, Kapellenberg, Rencester,
Isenfir, Stierbach, Misty Marsh. That's 3.5 in the north, 3.5 in the
central, and 1 in the south. (Isenfir is the half-n-half.)

Your conclusion is flawed by the assumption that the Northern Region is
geographically half of the kingdom, including all of Virginia.

> (IMHO, I would love to see more Kingdom events take place in the NC area
> because it is more central, kinda like what Trimaris does around Orlando.) 

Coronation in Sacred Stone, Crown in Seareach. There you go. You're far
closer to both of those than I am, and I don't even come close to living
near the north edge. I note that most big events *do* take place in the
actual central part of the kingdom -- Windmasters'/Caer Mear at the heart
of that area -- more often than in any other area.


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