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On University

Poster: NiaW12@aol.com

Today, while driving home from work I reflected on the mail that I have seen
in the last few days on the topic of Atlantian University.  I have one bit of

This is a good thing.  I am glad we are arguing over, for people rarely argue
over that which they percieve has no value.  

On where University is held.  If the reality is that it is unbalanced in its
locations then we should even the balance.  If the perception is what is
wrong we need to educate ourselves to the reality.

So in closing:
To the Chancellor who organizes it all,
To the teachers who give of their time and knowledge,
To the students who come to learn, and without which the teachers would have
no purpose,
To those people brave enough to lend us their facilities for a few hours,
To the group kind enough to host the event,
To the gentles that open their homes,
And to the Crown who supports the growth of the Kingdom of Atlantia
I give my thanks and gratitude.

Conna M'Kennane
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