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Alter Atlantia?

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

Master Dafydd ap Gwystl writes, in part:

D> In Atlantia 8-10 years ago, I would at least know the face of
D> every Kingdom Order Candidate. Now, I hope to have a face for at
D> least 50% of them.

If the part of Atlantia where you dwell became a Principality
would that 50% of the current Kingdom Order Candidates  (those
that you have a face for) also reside in the Principality?

Mar Yaakov HaMizrachi writes, in another part:

Y> Mists and Cynagua have been Principalities for years with
Y> absolutely no sign of wanting to "go kingdom."
Y> I think creating a principality within Atlantia, with no
Y> expectation that it would ever go kingdom would add fun. It would
Y> add a layer of pagentry and a chance for folks to shoot for
Y> something other than the crown.

I think we'd need to do something to counteract the strong Eastern
Rite tendency for Pricipalities to "go Kingdom".  I propse that
we could do that by forming the Principality in the northern half
of the Kingdom and naming it Alter Atlantia.  (You can interpret
this as either Latin for "The Other Atlantia" or German for "The
Elder Atlantia".)  We would call the southern half of the Kingdom
simply Atlantia, and the two halves together, Greater Atlantia.

This naming scheme would remind us that the Principality remained
an integral part of the Kingdom, and have the added bonus of reminding
all the other Laurel Kingdoms that Atlantia is greater.

-- Alfredo
Had I been present at the creation, I would have given
some useful hints for the better ordering of the universe.
   -- Alfonso the Wise (1221-1284)

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