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RE: Is a principality really a bad thing?

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

> I think creating a principality within Atlantia, with no expectation
> that
> it would ever go kingdom would add fun.  It would add a layer of
> pagentry
> and a chance for folks to shoot for something other than the crown.
> The
> only down side I can think of is a possible boost in bureaucracy and
> longer
> courts.
	No principalities are NOT bad things.  The problem is that every
	a sector of a kingdom feels left out the first thing I ever HEAR
	"the principality cry".  We don't feel we get enough X thus a
	would help because then we wouldn't have so far to travel, etc
	I understand the theory.  Meridies is going through the same
	In my mind they've now created 2 long kingdoms with just as much
	travel "grief".  The only thing that bugs me is how fast
	want to ask for a principality the second there's a lot of
travel involved.
	The problem is that the idea doesn't always fix the problem that
it is
	supposed to fix and in my personal opinion, people want to try
the idea
	way too quickly.  Just my personal experiences, anyway.

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