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Re: Fwd: Whats wrong with the SCA?

Poster: jsrechts@imap.unc.edu

Normally, such a letter is sent privately but in this case.  Some air
to be cleared. 


You are obviously an unhappy man.  This is not an appropriate place to
air such grievences.  These sorts of gripes, internal feelings, marriage
problems, social problems etc. should really be addressed to a

You say you suffer from Clinical Depression.  Many people do, in fact, 
one fourth of the World Population suffers from Depression.  It's
not an easy thing to deal with and I strongly suggest seeing a shrink
for counselling and prescription drugs to help you.  Being depressed
mean you are mentally screwed up, it's a condition and that needs to be
just as if you had asthema, you would treat that too.

Now on to Gary/Valdemar...

Your post makes it sound as though Valdemar has nothing better to do but
your life miserable.  That is hardly the case, Valdemar, along with the
of the society, have other priorities than to do than make you unhappy.
As my mother would say to me when I get paranoid, "Don't flatter
yourself, people have other things
to think about and do in their lives than you." 

I can say for a fact that for the past 2 years the majority of
Valdemar's time has been involved
in non-SCA activities which includes caring for a child, going through a
and caring for a terminally ill father.  Please consider those things
when you throw accusations at folks.

So, take a chill, go for a walk in the Duke Gardens and marvel on the
beauty of life.  


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