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Fwd: Whats wrong with Efen

Poster: jsrechts@imap.unc.edu

Since they are doing construction outside my window, I've decided to

What's wrong with Efen?  He stole my hat.

What's wrong with Darius?  He is unhappy.

What's wrong with Valdemar?  He has no chocolate pudding for me.

What's wrong with Lyanna?  She has no hat (see above). 

What's wrong with Falcone?  He owes me beer (no berry crap please).

What's wrong with Windmasters Hill?  They have funny accents.

What's wrong with Lyanna now?  She has no more beer or pudding (hint).

What's wrong with UNC-Chapel Hill?  There is CONSTRUCTION ALL OVER THE

Lyanna the Kvetch 

On the other hand... Today is Friday and they're playing disco on the

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