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Whats wrong with the Merry Rose?

Poster: Pamela Ambrose <pambrose@wam.umd.edu>

Hi, it's me, your friendly neighborhood lurker.

I don't mind someone venting personal problems on this list.  Sure it
embarrasses everyone involved and they may regret it, but I think the
poster needed to vent.  Too many people cover up their pain in this world
and mundane society.  Personally I'd rather see something emotionally
charged than some of the piddly little gripes and personal "oh I'm having
such a bad day because such-and-such is so unpleasant."  

If this were in fact a tavern in period it would be a normal occurance for
a disturbed husband to come in and rant and rave and publicly humiliate
himself and others.

Sure, the guy needs help.  He also needs support.  Anyone who knows him
should get over being wounded and abhorred by his words and learn
kindness.  He expects condemnation, don't let him manipulate you into
giving it.

Everybody else instead of just saying how inappropriate they feel his
venting was could instead just make the effort to prove him wrong.  
He started by saying that his problems stemmed from SCAdians who used 
and abused him AND he made it sound indicative of the society at
large although he recanted a bit later.  There are indeed those who will
take advantage of others both here and everywhere else.  There are also
many here who do care about the dream and want to share it with others.
  If you are one of those priceless gems, now is a good time to get into
the light and shine.  Defend some of the activities and supports of the
dream that you do voluntarily.  I'm not saying brag on yourself, but share
some ideas that someone far away in the kingdom may never have thought of.
Talk about what you love about the SCA and about the wonderful gentles who
have guided and encourage you in your pursuits, without their own ulterior

						-Pamela the mundane

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