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RE: Barrel

Poster: henderson@infodata.com (Henderson, Sharon)

On Freitag, 12. September 1997 12:26, Harold Feld 
[SMTP:hfeld@ids2.idsonline.com] wrote:
>  I do not remember from whom I acquired him.  I bought him at a Boredom
> War (an event held between Quintavia and Carolingia) many years ago.
> Sorry I could not be of more help.
> Yaakov

Esteemed Yaakov and noble cousins of Atlantia,

I've already sent a note to Solveig, but it seems this could be of 
interest to most folks:

There's a company in Indiana that makes Revy War re-enactor supplies, 
called J. Townsend & Co, from whom such kegs with spigots can be gotten -- 
and other cool stuff we folks of the SCA can use, as well.  I'm not 
affiliated with them in any way, save as an extremely satisfied customer; 
they are nice people who make and sell good stuff, and they are pleasant 
to deal with.  They have a swift turnaround time for sending orders out, 
too, even if you don't tell them you need it yesterday -- in which case 
they make arrangements.  :-)

If you have WWW access, they're at:  http://www.jastown.com/

Otherwise (and this is a quote from their website):

To recieve a catalog by regular mail call us at 1-219-594-5852
FAX: 1-219-594-5580
or send your request by mail to:
Jas. Townsend & Son, PO Box 415-W, Pierceton, IN 46562
or Email your request to catalog@jastown.com
Please tell us you saw our catalog on the WWW.

Happy shopping -- and I think of you and your lovely lady often, Yaakov! 
 Remember, you stayed with us the night before UA at George Mason U last 
year?  Or was it 2 years ago?  I hope you and Herself are keeping well!

Meli ferch Iasper
Ponte Alto, Stierbach, and all points in between

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